String arranger & Epic music composer

One Man Orchestra is taking a break for the rest of 2022 to focus on personal projects

One Man Orchestra is me, Carsten Altena, a music composer, string arranger and midi programmer from The Netherlands. I offer string arrangements and virtual orchestrations any music producer, artist, band or composer can afford. The final product is performed by an authentic sounding virtual orchestra, optionally layered with live players for enhanced realism.

I am not taking on any new projects in 2022 to focus on personal projects, but if you need to get in touch with me about something, email me at [email protected]

Past clients

I’m proud to have worked for successful pop/rock/metal/edm producers, artists and bands from Holland and abroad in the past 10 years: Miss Montreal, Urfaust, Van Dik Hout, Paceshifters and DJ Alexander Brown, Sinister, Izegrim, Katla and many more.



“I’ve worked with Carsten on a couple of projects as a violinist, viola and nyckelharpa player. He’s a great string arranger and knows how to keep a recording session fun while at the same time pushes for the best take. Plus: he’s a cool guy!” Georg Börner of Coldworld,
session string musician
“When I was busy writing Sinister’s – Syncretism I experienced working together with Carsten as a breath of fresh air. If you need Big orchestral arrangements or just simpler stuff, it will be a great addition to your songs. This guy is professional, easy to work with, fast and a reliable.” Bas Brussaard, Sinister